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"I want to let the world know what an outstanding massage therapist Diane Carson is! She has helped me for years to prepare & recover quickly from joint surgeries. My orthopedic surgeon has remarked how unexpectedly well and quickly I recovered from multiple shoulder and knee replacement surgeries.  Diane has consistently helped me identify and resolve painful issues and guided me in a healthier and less painful lifestyle. I go to her more often than I do both of my two primary care physicians!" 
Sue Vatter
"I have known Diane Carson for 11 years.  She was recommended to me because I had had major surgery and needed help recovering.  With excellent, personalized neuromuscular massage therapy and a tailored exercise program, Diane worked with me regularly.  Because of her skill and encouragement, I progressed better and more quickly than I could have imagined.  Throughout the years, I have continued to seek out Diane's help through massage therapy, exercise and advice to keep me strong and active.  She has great understanding of individual needs and issues and has an excellent, accurate healing touch.  She also works with my husband and has helped my aging parents and in-laws.  I highly recommend Diane and have every confidence in her abilities."
Cynthia N. Katz
Hooked, hooked, hooked… that’s what I am! I have been a client of Diane Carson, owner/operator of Custom Wellness Solutions, religiously for almost two years. Having been to and through other massage therapists, I found Diane’s abilities to be rare. She is one of only a few massage therapists in the local area that is certified in neuromuscular massage; this type of massage is my favorite and I receive the most holistic benefits from it. Another great quality about Diane is her ability to intuitively tailor my massage to meet my body’s needs even if my needs change monthly! I highly recommend Custom Wellness Solutions to meet and treat any and all of your body's needs!
I first started the Transitions Lifestyle Solution (TLS) Program in September 2011. This program is about making better choices of what goes into our bodies versus counting points, calories, or counting anything. I was not overweight when I started TLS but wanted to lose body fat, tone, and just be healthier. With the assistance of Diane's coaching and my determination to feel better and be healthier, I have lost body fat and weight. As an added bonus of this program, I have "discovered" that my "plague of migraines" may have stemmed from the food I was eating! Needless to say, I have far fewer headaches than ever before, feel and look healthier, and I have more energy to boot! TLS is a program that anyone can do!
Tina L. Reid
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