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Massage Therapy
Therapeutic massage modalities include NeuroMuscular (NMT), Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Myofascial Release and Activated Soft Tissue Release.  I also do Deep Tissue and   Sports Massages.  To learn more about NMT, click on the link,

K-taping helps by assisting our bodies own healing mechanisms. It does this by "tapping" into the brain via nerve stimulation through the skin.  Research has shown that K-tape can be translated by the body 30X faster that visual guidance, thousands of time faster then audio guidance. 
It is used to improve and correct posture, reduce pain and edema, increase performance and endurance in all sports  activities and correct faulty movement and functional patterns. 
Therapeutic/Functional exercise is available for those individuals who need to gain back strength and endurance from muscular-skeletal injuries, surgeries or traumas.  I am trained and skilled to work with clients who have been released from physical therapy but still need additional help.

Nutritional Counseling and Weight Management
I offer TLS Weight Loss Solution, a weight management program based on low-glycemic eating. This is not a fad diet, counting calories or points, but a 12-week program of nutritional and exercise education; leading to living a healthier lifestyle.  The side benefit just happens to be an average loss of 4-6% body fat in the first 12 weeks!  
NutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions
Only available through licensed health professionals; featuring nutritional support products that are isotonic capable.  These products are designed for 90 to 95% absorption capability.  They deliver nutrients directly to the small intestine where the majority of nutrient absorption occurs. This isotonic-capable delivery system offers superior absorption over pills and tablets, which can stay in the stomach for up to 4 hours. 

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